HOLISTICA CEPRAO is an association registered in Italy with a representative headquarter in Florence (Italy), Domenico Maria Manni Street, 56/R.
HOLISTICA CEPRAO starts out as an international network for the coordination of the holistic sector aimed at creating a context of interchange for Associations, Companies and Stakeholders who have similar interests.

All activities and initiatives of HOLISTICA CEPRAO are addressed to public and private organisations, associations, training institutes that carry out their main activities in the holistic and training field both nationally and internationally.

HOLISTICA CEPRAO aims to establish an important reference for the release of ECP training credits valid for professional updating, not only for holistic activities, but also for associations, organisations operating at national, European and international level in the field of education.
For this purpose, HOLISTICA CEPRAO accredits ECP PROVIDERS’, it means Associations or Educational Organisations, ECM PROVIDERS’, universities, private and public training institutions that are authorized to issue ECP credits for the training courses delivered through a modern online platform called Portal Catalogue that releases ECP.

The software belongs to SIAF Italia,
Providers’ Dealership of Holistica Ceprao from 2015