Formative Credit PCE

The reporting unit of vocational training and lifelong learning is the educational credit PCE.
Lifelong training means any increasing and stenghening activities of professional knowledge and competences, as well as their updating through participation in cultural events in a specialised and vocational field.

The PCE is the unit of measurement regarding the activities of updating and professional continuous growing up about a subject. The PCE is referred to the time requested in every specific formative event (hours/credits) proposed by the own Concessionary Agency.
The acquiring credits process is developed by the involvement in formative activities that characterized the professional profile. Some formative activities might be: workshop, courses, seminars, conferences, meeting, stage, studies, publications ect.
Is, moreover, possible to involve in the PCE, with appropriate modalities, activities of distance learning.

The Professional Continuous Education must be measurable in an objective way, this is why we have the credits. It has, furthermore, to be encouraged, promoted and organized in all the national, European and international territory.

In the continuous educations the PCE PROVIDER’ll provide 2 PCE credits for every hour of activities, at maximum. This limit is established by the HOLISTICA CEPRAO’s guideline with the aim to ensure the uniformity on all the national, European and international territory.

The PCE PROVIDER are useful for the comparison of experiences between members with events interested in the further training. The events might be free or paid with the rewarding of the relatives PCE.