It is possible to subscribe to HOLISTICA CEPRAO – both nationally as well as internationally – as a public or private organisation, training agency or association that carry out their main activity in the cultural, educational and holistic fields.

It is possible to join Holistica Ceprao in four different ways, since this organisation is a combined network aimed at being a reference point for institutions that are interested, under their statutes, to integrate or promote activities in the holistic sector:

  • Membership as a legal Italian, European, International Network institution (association, training institute, public or private enterprise, universities, etc.
  • Membership as an Italian, European, International PROVIDER ECP
  • Membership as a legal institution and a PROVIDER ECP
  • Membership as a DEALERSHIP Agency

For each level of membership there is a specific fee.

To join us, just email sending the application form that can be downloaded from this link.